QuickBooks to Cloud: Considerations and Case Study

With the offerings Intuit now has via QuickBook’s versions, a small business can go a long way before needing to upgrade out of the Intuit group….however, it does happen as your growth outstrips the capabilities…   You will have to register on this site to be able to download the whitepaper, but I believe it is worth your time if you are at or near the need for a bigger and better accounting system.

Excerpt……..It happens thousands of times every year in this great land of opportunity. Successful businesses outgrow their entry-level accounting systems. More often than not, the system is QuickBooks.

But moving to a new accounting system or more robust financial system is expensive, and time consuming. So when should you start? And when will you recover your costs and see a return on your investment?

This whitepaper addresses these important questions by identifying some of the pain points you run into that indicate it’s time for a change. Here you can access a video that gives some quick insights into why growing companies make the move to a new system. We then illustrate how to envision what a more robust and flexible accounting system can bring. Next, we’ll detail how to consider and compare total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of the two financial system upgrade alternatives: on-premise and cloud. Finally, a real-life case study will demonstrate how a high-profile business, GrubHub, graduated from QuickBooks to Cloud Accounting.

Register and download white paper………via QuickBooks to Cloud: Considerations and Case Study | Proformative.


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