PwC: Don’t Think “If”, Think “When” on Cyber Attacks

Good security advice.  Download their guide for how-to prepare.  Information technology

Excerpt:  Cyber security is not only a technical issue, but a core business imperative. Faced with attackers who move quickly and unpredictably, organisations also need to be able to act and respond quickly and flexibly. Being prepared for a cyber attack is not just about having a good IT policy but good governance across the business. When attacked, businesses need to be able to rely on well thought through plans and respond assertively.”

For further information, including a step by step guide for businesses on how to prepare themselves for cyber attacks, please see PwC’s The Cyber-Savvy CEO

Read introduction and download guide via PricewaterhouseCoopers Media Centre – PwC: Don’t think “if”, think “when” on cyber attacks.  From PwC

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