3 Stories Of Advancing Causes — And Profits

Read examples of how social good helped the business bottom line.  Have you tried this yet?  It is a win win for both the business executing the strategy as well as the social good it promotes and helps.   Small business

Excerpt:  The first wave of marketing social initiatives in the 1980s was dominated by programs that linked donations to consumer actions. In the past 20 years, cause promotion has grown increasingly popular as a strategy for achieving marketing and social goals. Cause promotion leverages corporate funds, in-kind contributions, or other resources to increase awareness and concern about a social cause or to support fundraising, participation, or volunteer recruitment for a cause. Well-conceived and executed cause promotions can improve attitudes toward a company; generate consumer traffic, sales, and increased loyalty; and motivate employees and trade partners.

Read full article via 3 Stories Of Advancing Causes–And Profits | Fast Company.


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