KPMG And Georgetown University Launch New Consumer Research

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Excerpt: The institute, established within Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C., will also serve as a forum for global business executives and leading academics to share learnings and perspectives on the constantly changing habits of consumers and to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. ….

By bringing together Georgetown marketing scholars and students, KPMG internal talent, the wider business community, and other key stakeholders, the institute will support two to three targeted, high-quality research projects each year. In addition, it will sponsor a series of interactive dialogues that present new knowledge about consumer research or solutions to consumer issues. Existing research titles by Georgetown marketing faculty, such as “How to Stop Consumers from Fixating on Price,” “The Discriminating Consumer: Product Proliferation and the Willingness to Pay for Quality,” and “Go Green! Should Environmental Messages be so Assertive?” serve as examples of the areas the Institute will explore.

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