14 New Posts Today, 7.18.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page of blog today includes leadership and management training and tools — then, innovation and risk management should go together — and more, from your business model to innovation — and a really cool read is “make your own medical device”  —  there is one article that caught my attention; imagine your teen years as totally discoverable, OMG  —  of course, there is also more today on the legal discussion continues with more proposals on say on pay in US and UK  —  there is a heads-up small business on SBIR and grants —  please don’t miss the great startup story of partnering major universities to provide free online education; awesome, yes?  —  plus even more topics as usual today.

The 7.19.12 press release is inserted on the PRESS RELEASE page.  If you see it in other publications, let us know where and what you think.

We currently have an approved new guest post being prepared for insertion, “Entrepreneurs: Are You Ready to Go Solo”.  It should be ready tomorrow or Friday at the latest.  Watch for it.  By the way, have you thought about guest posting?  I see the guest post feature as a means of sharing your expertise with the world; a good thing.

Enjoy all today!



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