Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas – HBR

This is an interesting read.  A very frank opinion heads-up world.   Small business take note.

Excerpt: But now I believe the designer-led team is on the verge of irrelevancy, too. The Internet has the necessary infrastructure and achieved the global ubiquity to be able to reimagine and disrupt nearly every industry in the world. But Silicon Valley seems to think that all that is required for disruption are a few “rockstar engineers” and “superstar designers.” This team type used to be able to lock themselves in a room, come up with a big idea and start executing on it. Now, if you throw two engineers and a designer together and tell them to come up with a new startup idea, you’ve got better than 50% odds they will come up with another mobile local social photo sharing app. This team competency was exactly what the doctor ordered when the next evolutionary step of the digital world was just creating software that was actually intuitive to ordinary consumers. But now these teams seem to continually run into a creative roadblock.

Read full article via Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas – Max Marmer – Harvard Business Review.


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