16 New Posts Today, 7.19.12 Small Business News to Use

This has been a busy blog day.   The HOME page topics emphasis today has been governance, accounting and marketing with several posts offering great tools, tips, advice, how-to and best practices.  There are also download long reads and reference material today as well.   Plus, there is always more in the line-up than just this blurb highlight at the end of the day.  Check them all!

CURRENT GUEST POST page (remember this menu is drop-down to select “current”) includes the new guest post I promised you yesterday, Entrepreneurs: Are You Ready to Go Solo?

CURRENT INFOGRAPHIC page (remember this menu is drop-down to select “current”) includes a new infographic, The CMOs Guide to the Social Landscape.  This is a reprint but well worth the read again.

PRESS RELEASE page (remember this ABOUT & PRESS RELEASE menu is drop-down to select “press release”) has a copy of the press release issued today.  I am also interested in where and what you think if you see the release in other publications.

Have you noticed we now have sponsors?  Not pushing  🙂  — but supporting our sponsors helps to support our blog efforts for your use.    WordPress.com is doing a great job in signing on good business sponsors; the rotation of sponsors is increasing and better each day.  Thank you WordPress!




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