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GREAT article from HBR this morning for all leaderhip and management — lest you forget — or perhaps worse, you never knew — read what great leaders are and a very good reason why.

Excerpt:  Among the many qualities that distinguish successful leaders from millions of less-successful executives in the world is an awareness of the limits of their knowledge. They know what they know, they appreciate what they don’t know, and they have a healthy respect for what they don’t know they don’t know. In short, they have great meta-knowledge.

Meta-knowledge can be thought of as a lack of hubris, an intellectual humility of sorts. Those who see the world probabilistically seem to better navigate volatile environments because they are wired to embrace uncertainty. They understand that they don’t know anything with 100% certainty and are therefore open to ideas different from their own.

Read full article  via Keep Experts on Tap, Not on Top – Vikram Mansharamani – Harvard Business Review.


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