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EVERYONE READ THIS!!   I am serious — the degree to which you can identify is the degree to which you need to correct or perhaps even get help.  I would be hard pressed to name anyone I have known to be completely free of this problem, but some are worse than others  (Note:  I am not eliminating myself — but don’t think I am the worst by far 🙂 ).   KUDOS to the author of this article — knowing it is an ISSUE says a lot, doing something about it, well, KUDOS, and even more so for writing about it in the first person publicly!!  Particularly for all leadership and management

Excerpt:  What do I direct at one person that’s meant for another?

It’s hard to see that kind of behavior in yourself.  At first, I didn’t notice anything. But I kept looking. I even spent a couple of days trying to talk less, just noticing my urge to talk and then examining where the urge came from. Was I speaking to the right person?

A pattern began to emerge, one I’m embarrassed about but that became hard to ignore: I do and say things specifically to impress people, even people I don’t know.

Put aside for a moment that trying to impress someone is highly unimpressive. Why do I do it? Do I really care what complete strangers think of me? Who am I truly trying to impress?

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