16 New Posts & 2 New Infographics, 7.24.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page today includes healthcare trends and news  — cloud beginners advice of how-to and safety considerations — new social media features from Foursquare and YouTube   —  Twitter A-list of innovation experts — Grant Thornton bulletin update on compensation and benefits (2 bulletins) — nonprofits gain pro bono expertise from for-profit enterprise — an indepth look at GDP and how it is used by decision makers — plus more topics as usual.  A good information day!

INFOGRAPHICS page has two new infographics for you,  Are Fortune 500 CEOs Social  and  London 2012: By The Numbers

Unfortunately, I had to reject two guest posts this week that did not quite meet the criteria for us.   😦   I am keeping my fingers crossed the next submission is fantastic just for you!   Better yet, share your expertise around the world by submitting a post for publishing.  See GUEST POST page for information on how-to submit your article.

I am getting bugged again, so, here is one of my soapbox favorites: Have you ever noticed spammers seem to go through cycles?   There are periods when there are a lot more of them and then it quiets down to the few diehards.   I keep trying to approach this with a logical understanding of just what motivates spammers, but it fails me.  Why would anyone go to the work of blasting everyone with garbage no one reads and for which we all have tools in place to trash the garbage?  Thanks to the tool makers, there are tools!  What a total waste of marketing budgets!  BTW if anyone has an answer to why, do let me know.

Enjoy all the posts and infographics today!



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