How To Weave Content Marketing Into Your Company’s DNA

Good article.   Content, content, and content.   The information gives you tips, how-to and why content is a company wide task and responsibility.

Excerpt:  To truly be successful, exceptional content creation needs to become part of your company’s DNA. Content is the fuel that drives the growth of your website, builds your audience, and helps people understand your unique value in the marketplace.

You should not set out to create remarkable content for a singular purpose, but should instead view the content creation process as an opportunity to makes the most of your time, money and resources.

Go the extra mile to extract as much value as possible from the content you create. Be a standout both in terms of the quality of the content you produce, but also in the way you innovate.

Repurpose old content in new ways, mix media to bolster and amplify your message, and always remember to maintain a consistent and memorable brand

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