10 New Posts Today, 7.27.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page today includes governance terms and updates, communications explained, content marketing how-to and examples, procurement and how-to use the scenarios — plus more as usual.

I ended today’s posts with an article on healthcare providers routinely withhold truths in their best interest but not in your best interest.  It is “news to use” for everyone everywhere, and includes the questions of what would you do?  I am interested in your comments.

This weekend will be wonderful with lots of Olympic watching!  And, that is exactly where I am headed to catch up on what I missed in the last few hours.

Everyone everywhere have a great weekend!  Enjoy this week’s posts; some very good “stuff” this week.




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2 responses to “10 New Posts Today, 7.27.12 Small Business News to Use

  1. Thank you. Our target is “helpful” information. Everyone is welcome and thanks for following.

  2. Great news! Pretty helpful for business.