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Well, this is certainly a timely subject.  Following the economic crisis, there are some efforts in the works to make business and business executives accountable.  Wouldn’t that be great!?   And, in addition to accountability in business, let’s also make changes to our healthcare system to make healthcare providers accountable without a lawsuit to force same.   Read the healthcare article posted Friday, Patient Communication Study Shows Doctors Regularly Withhold Truth

Excerpt:  From customers’ and suppliers’ viewpoint, Company X is fast growing, exciting, and high-energy. Inside, though, it’s a tornado. Fighting fires, arguing over who committed to what, why it didn’t happen, and noticing things that fell through the cracks in just enough time is normal.

How can this happen when they have weekly departmental meetings, keep track of action items, and post projects and timelines everywhere? Easily! There is no accountability. They don’t hold each other accountable for commitments. They’ve seen what happens when you fail, and it isn’t pretty, which undermines individual commitment. Requesters frequently change their minds, reprioritize, or create new, more urgent projects without ever really closing the loop on the old ones.

Read full article via Let’s Bring Back Accountability – Deborah Mills-Scofield – Harvard Business Review.


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