Small Businesses Open Storefronts on Facebook

Here is an idea that might work for SOME entrepreneurs and not for others.  It is called F-commerce — your storefront on Facebook.  Read this entrepreneur story — but also read that larger businesses are closing down their Facebook “store”.   Social media and storefronts.

Excerpt:  The rise of F-commerce has been largely haphazard, something Facebook did not instigate or promote. A spokesman declined to discuss the phenomenon, except to acknowledge, “Retailers are experimenting in a number of ways.”

Small businesses seem to be having more success on Facebook than large companies, said Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail analyst at Forrester. Those doing well, she said, generally have less than $100,000 in revenue and fewer than 10 employees. Gap, Nordstrom, J. C. Penney and GameStop, on the other hand, have all shut down Facebook stores in the last 12 months, mostly, Ms. Mulpuru said, because consumers are accustomed to the richer experience on retailing Web sites.

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