An In-Depth Look at The Science of Blog Timing

More great information and how-to from KISSmetrics.  I find, and I am sure so do others, other committments frequently or mostly must take precedence over the blog in timing issues.  I always hope my readers will understand (maybe I ask too much).   Ideally for the blog, I would have only the blog as my primary concern but that is just not my case nor many others.  Therefore, you do best to try best practices everything, blog included —  sometimes this is A-okay and other times it is whew!

Excerpt:  When it comes to the science of blog timing, the main thing people think about is when to publish a blog post. That is, of course, very important when it comes to blogging, but it’s not the only timing consideration you need to make.

With business blogging, you also have to think about the timing of:
How often you publish blog posts
When to promote them
How long to keep up with community engagement
When you can repurpose your content

In today’s post, we will be covering those specific blog timing issues and how to find the right timing for your blog content.

Read full article via An In-Depth Look at The Science of Blog Timing.  KISSmetrics


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