14 Don’t Miss Posts Today, 8.3.12 Small Business News to Use

Don’t miss the HOME page today!   Highlights include a fun and informative article from HBR on the “Evolution of Brand Creature” — and more highlights — transpersonal leadership — tools for design — lots of how-to includes how-to marketing infographics, how-to marketing video, how-to viral content, how-to best SEO content, how-to leadership skills and delegation, how-to be a successful entrepreneur — plus more topics today as usual.

Unfortunately, on guest posts, I seem to have to turn down way too many guest posts because they do not meet our criteria.   😦    It is sad because there are so many people with so much value to share with entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We would love for you to share it here with us.  Our viewers for the guest post page are very active, meaning what you share is read.  Exactly what an author wants, yes?   I will keep my fingers crossed that in the next group of article submissions we have lots of great post-able content.

AND, we will have a new infographic or two up soon.  I just hated to move the Olympic infographics over, but I will!   Is everyone enjoying the London 2012?  I am!

Everyone, everywhere have a great weekend!  Enjoy today’s content and please continue your use of the rich content archives.




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