The Evolution of the Brand Creature – HBR

This hits me as a perfect article for Friday.   It contains information to use, but it is also a fun read!  Recommended!

Excerpt:  We can expect further developments but how far can we go? At the extreme, the brand could create a creature, bring it along, and then turn it loose, ceding all control to the creature and wishing him/her a bon voyage. I would be surprised that any brand wants to play parent in this way, but every time you say “improbable” in marketing, someone goes out and does it.

There must be a sweet spot. We can assume that the more independence we give the creature, the more engaging they are, the more likely they are to be followed online and off, the more value they can create for …

Read full article via The Evolution of the Brand Creature – Grant McCracken – Harvard Business Review.


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