16 New Posts Today, 8.7.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page highlights today:  we continue to emphasize how-to and tools for the those in the evolving stages and roles of leadership, management and team building — we also have economic lessons today — lots today on innovation, including how-to metrics and creativity sources; plus a healthcare IT innovation project story — more on marketing and the interest in neuroscience possibilities and cautions —  we posted an update today on global reporting standards (the task) from a member involved in the task — we have also posted a link to the August 2012 digital edition issue of Smart Business; they usually have good reads — plus more topics in today’s mix as is usual.

An update on guest posts:  I was greeted today with a couple of good articles — very encouraging!     🙂    However, the bad news, although I enjoyed the articles, they do not really fit our mission target for entrepreneurs and small business owners on this blog.     😦     In case anyone has forgotten (see ABOUT BLOG page), we want to share help, how-to, need-to-know, tips, tools, advice, news-to-watch and of-interest for entrepreneurs and small business.

Enjoy all today!



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