Burn After Calling: Disposable Phone Numbers

Okay, you have got to be kidding me!!   In my opinion, this is definitely a Friday story.  Check out the iPhone app — certainly good for nefarious activities if you are so inclined?

Excerpt:  Enter the Burner App. For $1.99 per use, iPhone owners can get a disposable, short-term phone number to use for business, pleasure or any combination of the two. From within the app, you choose an area code and ask for a number.

But like a prepaid phone card, when the time expires, no more calling. The number is “burned,” or quarantined for two weeks before being recirculated.

Fresh Burner numbers are good for talk and text for seven days. During that week, you get up to 20 minutes of talk and 60 texts. You can add time to a burned number, too. An additional 30 days, 50 voice minutes and 150 texts costs about $2.50.

Look at this app via Burn After Calling: Disposable Phone Numbers.  From Read Write


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