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Here is another great tool from MindTools.   How do you reach outside the limiting parameters for how-to and methods?   Read on all leadership and management

Excerpt:  Projects of all kinds frequently reach a point where as much analysis as possible has been carried out, but the way forward is still unclear. Progress seems blocked, and if the project team is to move forward, it must develop creative solutions to the problems it faces.

You’ll already know about techniques such as brainstorming, which can help with this sort of situation. However, this type of approach, which depends on intuition and the knowledge of the members of the team, tends to have unpredictable and unrepeatable results. What’s more, a huge range of possible solutions can be missed, simply because they’re outside the experience of the project team.

TRIZ is a problem solving methodology based on logic, data and research, not intuition. It draws on the past knowledge and ingenuity of many thousands of engineers to accelerate the project team’s ability to solve problems creatively. As such, TRIZ brings repeatability, predictability, and reliability to the problem-solving process with its structured and algorithmic approach.

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