How To Keep Your Business And Money Safe In Today’s Cyber World

Guest Post by Jesse Dugan

Your business is probably at greater risk today than 20 years ago. According to forensic accountants in New York, moving from ledgers to accounting software has increased the likelihood your business will have to deal with fraud, embezzlement and disastrous mistakes. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are only two areas you need to manage to ensure you’re heading off trouble before it happens:

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Staff Training and Development

Here’s what you need to know about both.

Technology Infrastructure Standards Oddly enough, this might be the most easy to manage. These days, there are a growing number of standards such as HIPAA and PCI that spell out — in detail — how technology infrastructure needs to be configured to best protect the data stored on it.

Back-Up / Disaster Recovery Forty years ago, you kept your books in a safe overnight. Nowadays, your “books” are on disks spinning faster than you can imagine and that will absolutely fail. What’s your back-up plan? Are your back-ups kept off site? One forensic accountant in New York highly recommends using a cloud back-up service.

Hackers Compared to other risks, an outside attack by a hacker is actually low on the list of things that should keep you up at night. But that’s not going to make you feel any better after it’s happened to you. What’s your plan? What are you doing to ensure all your data is safe?

Staff Training and Development Embezzlement So what’s more likely than a hacker stealing your data? An employee. How many of them are plugging their iPods into their workstations? Would you notice if a member of your accounting staff emailed your customer list to a competitor?

Security How many people have their user name and password written down on a sticky attached to their monitor? How many don’t log off their computer at the end of the day? And how many can access your accounts receivable and payable from home over a non-secure connection?

Expectations There’s a two-fold point to staff training: First, it helps employees understand your company’s best practices. Second, it makes it crystal clear your expectations about their behavior. When you let the staff know how you expect them to behave, only then can you enforce those expectations.

Don’t take on these challenges by yourself. Ask around: Your insurance company or accounting firm has a vested interest in your success and might have programs that are already prepared and ready to be applied to your company. Or, you could turn to an expert such as a forensic accountant because they specialize in this particular niche.

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