12 Don’t Miss Posts Today, 8.15.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page today highlights a great mix of leadership and management reminders, tools, how-to, strategy, re-learn to learn,  plus 2 posts of my favorite  … “why we do what we do” and “why we are who we are”   🙂    Just stop and imagine what the business world will be in years to come as we continue to explore and master the “why we do what we do” and “why we are who we are”, which, of course, also gives insight and management ability into the same discovery in others, competitors, our teams, our network, etc.   Awesome!    Today’s posts also include accounting for loss leaders, but make sure it is legal in your state — project management tools, providing a great selection; all management should know project management — there is also an article today on fraud; a description of what happened in some of the well known cases; this then gives you the takeaway to spot and prevent such diseasters happening again — and we also have articles today on CRM and branding  — can’t forget the article today on the top FREE PIM software packages available with descriptions (a worthwhile reprint)  — plus always more topics as usual.

GUEST POSTS page.  It was brought to my attention today that the title on the current guest post was linked to a guest post site  and that made no sense — sorry, my mistake I think and it is now fixed.  So, guest post title click until you are blue, it goes no where    🙂    BUT, while you are there read the great guest post!!!! 

Enjoy today, I did!



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