40+ Hot Events in Tech, Social Media and Advertising

Are you using Mashable’s event board to keep up to date with business events that will help you in your small business ownership role?  Check it out via link below

Excerpt:  Looking to fill your calendar with exciting events in the social media sector? We’ve got your back. Below you’ll find four exciting events handpicked from Mashable‘s Events Board, all of which will propel your business forward in the digital space. Check out this assortment of business conferences and exhibitions, where you’ll have a chance to learn about fresh innovations in social media. These events will help you reach your target audience on the front end, the back end and on their social feeds.

If you’re looking for events in business, marketing and advertising, visit the Events Board to learn about networking opportunities, meetings and expos that will give you a chance to learn and network with the pros in your industry. We add new listings daily, so be sure to check back for events in your industry and in your area.

Check out the Event Board via 40+ Hot Events in Tech, Social Media and Advertising.  From Mashable


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