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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are you a member or aware of the Startup America Partnership.  Check out site and explore their other pages for information and help.

Excerpt Introduction:
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The Startup America Partnership is a passionate community of founders, investors and executives helping each other acquire customers, recruit top talent and attract investors. It’s free to join and you’ll immediately gain access to:

  1. A network of local and national relationships dedicated to helping you succeed
  2. Unique opportunities and deals packaged to help your startup scale
  3. Access to and advice from iconic entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders

Today’s the day to accelerate your startup’s success. You are just a minute away from unique opportunities, unmatched deals, and access to an amazing community of thousands of high growth-startups like Dwolla, WildFire, and TourWrist, as well as iconic founders like Steve Case, Reid Hoffman, Tory Burch and Michael Dell.

Thousands of startups focused on growth are leveraging Startup America every day….can you afford to wait?

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