The Team Brain: Beyond Email, Meetings, and Middle Management

Interesting read.  Today’s challenges require a different paradigm to succeed than did businesses in decades past.  There are systems now being used and continually developed to harness and gather intelligence from around the world in our pursuit of bigger and better us — this is in addition to your internal programs and talents.

Excerpt:  In a knowledge economy, natural selection favors organizations that can most effectively harness and coordinate collective intellectual energy and creative capacity. The same evolutionary force that produced sophisticated individual brains for human beings will produce more sophisticated “team brains” for companies.

This is already happening. To achieve their ambitious missions, the world’s greatest companies have been investing in more evolved team brains for years. Apple has the legendary Radar, a closely-guarded internal tool that helps keep knowledge and tasks centralized, indexed, and accessible to teammates. Facebook has Tasks, a collaborative task tracker that Dustin and I had the privilege of designing and prototyping, and other home-grown internal systems that are considered a key part of Facebook’s secret sauce

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