10 New Posts Today, 8.20.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME  page today includes studies on mergers and acquisitions and stakeholder dialogue in multiple countries — good reads today on innovation and business models — multiple articles today on marketing and branding with social media and videos, including B2B should adopt B2C know-how — also today is an article of how-to data mining and management for usable metrics — plus more good-today-reads as usual.

GUEST POSTS   page has a new guest post as of Friday, Cash Needs in Starting and Growing Your Business, by Samuel Baker.  Check out this new article.

INFOGRAPHICS   page has a new infographic today, Logo: Evolution, plus the infographic that was new last week, The Anatomy of a CEO.  Check out both!

Remember both the prior guest posts and the prior infographics are not gone when moved from their current pages; all are available in the search function (archives) after their current run.

Tis’ Monday and another fast paced launch to a workweek.  Although it seems a lot of the busy has to do with bits, other things and stuff rather than the work I love better.  However, as we all know, the bits, other things and stuff DO NEED attention also.

Enjoy today’s posts!



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