The New Rules of Social Commerce

Article gives you great insights and how-to social media for your brand and why.

Excerpt:  Most companies’ early efforts with social have been the equivalent of “brochureware” (just as they were on the internet back in the 1990s#. And although levels of sophistication are growing — Dell’s #DELL# $6 million-plus in sales via Twitter, for example — most social commerce experiments have a long way to go.  All too often, when shoppers on a retailer’s social pages are ready to buy, they’re sent elsewhere to complete the transaction, disrupting what should be a seamless experience.

The goal is to enable and sustain integrated conversations with consumers across all channels – social and otherwise – establishing the mutually rewarding relationships that drive social sales. So how to get there?

Read full article via The new rules of social commerce – Fortune Tech.  From CNN Money

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