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As the world rushed into social media for business, there were studies being developed to ascertain benefit, business use and best practices.  I don’t think there is any argument still that time drain is valid, but more and more brain or business drain is being proven otherwise.

Excerpt:  How’s this for counter-intuitive? Social technologies — the software and services that make it possible to show off your vacation pictures to all your Facebook friends and follow your favorite team tweet by tweet — are not just giant time sinks that keep your employees from getting their work done. On the contrary, they may become the most powerful tools yet developed to raise the productivity of high-skill knowledge workers — the kind of workers who help drive innovation and growth, and who are going to be in increasingly short supply.

This is one of the surprising takeaways from our recent research on the economic impact of social technologies

Read full article via Social Media’s Productivity Payoff – James Manyika, Michael Chui, and Hugo Sarrazin – Harvard Business Review.

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