Win the Business with this Elevator Pitch – HBR

A straightforward, no nonsense how-to a winning elevator pitch or the equivalent “time” sale anywhere anytime.

Excerpt:  Your words are your most important competitive weapons. In this regard, your ability to deliver a compelling elevator pitch is crucial to achieve success. There are many sales situations where you have only a minute or two to conduct an entire sales call. You must be able to deliver a compelling and memorable message during this pressure-packed time sensitive encounter.

Write down your elevator pitch and analyze its structure for the use of buzzwords, fillers, and truisms. Use language structures such as softeners, metaphors, and suggestions to improve its persuasiveness. Finally, be sure to practice your pitch aloud so your delivery is smooth and confidant. Remember, a sales call can happen anywhere and at any time. Always have a prepared elevator pitch.

Read full article via Win the Business with this Elevator Pitch – Steve W. Martin – Harvard Business Review.


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