Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Benefits, Cost, Benefits and Drawbacks of ERP

Small business need-to-know and takeaway how-to.  In fact the article is very good at everything your should know about ERP now becoming as important in mid to small businesses as it is in large companies.

Excerpt:  Although ERP systems may seem complex and costly, even small businesses are increasingly finding it necessary to invest in such technology in  order to remain competitive. “ERP systems are being implemented today to provide a stable foundation for a growing number of businesses across all segments, from dot-coms to major automotive manufacturers,” Dave Morrison wrote in CMA Management. “The number of implementations down the supply chain and into small and medium-sized companies is steadily growing as the initial costs are reduced along with the overall cost of ownership. Pre-configured and pretested versions are now effectively slashing the implementation costs while reducing the project complexity and risks. These new systems are providing a clean head start in development and delivering a stable and fully tested product to production. The methodology is continually evolving and the results are very positive.”

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