New York City Launches Digital Toolkit for Small Businesses

Hey guys, look at this.  What a great idea.   Small business news-to-watch.   If it works in NYC, maybe we will next hear, “coming to a city near you”.

 Excerpt: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday announced the city’s first Digital Toolkit for small businesses, a new education program aimed at helping the small businesses of New York City develop their online presence and social media strategies. The program will be administered by the city’s Small Business Services department at their local education centers throughout the five boroughs.

NYC’s Digital Toolkit is of a series of courses that will explain how a small business can incorporate technology and social media into their business strategy for marketing, sales and customer service. It will also include an online component with best practices and website design templates.

“The digital toolkit will help New York City’s entrepreneurs with the resources they need to engage more consumers online,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The web can open up worlds of opportunities for these businesses, but many of them presently lack even their own website, let alone a social media campaign.”

The program was created in partnership with Mashable, Google, Tumblr and Weebly.

Read full article via New York City Launches Digital Toolkit for Small Businesses.  From Mashable


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