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This is a summary of some of his previous blogs with included how-to for groups, teams, staff  — how to train for learning is my take.  Leadership and management

Excerpt:  So here goes. I will start with the whole picture then describe the process step by step and finish with some general comments.

I am assuming some familiarity with FB as a technique here and assuming that the process has been run with multiple groups, ideally organised to maximise group think in each of the groups. This does confuse people who have been trained to try and mix groups up, but in my experience such a mistake is in error during initial sense-making. By maximising group think you increase the number of perspectives as you encourage the development of extremes, and that increases scanning. As a side here, I have often argued it was a mistake to collapse all the agencies into one post 9-11 as it encouraged a single view, rather than multiple perspectives. Obviously this is a balancing act: too much diversity you get excessive fragmentation, too little and you loose adaptive capacity. However for this exercise we want as much diversity as possible, we are trying to scan the range of all that is plausible, and that is a lot.

In a FB workshop exercise all the groups, once they are complete and not before, are rotated around all the other groups and are asked three questions of all the turning points created:

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