3 Reasons Why There’s No Measuring ROI On Social Media

Wondering how to measure ROI social media  —  are you finding it is like fitting a square peg metrics into a round hole formula?    The author addresses that isuue.   Good read.

Excerpt:   How to measure ROI on social media has become s a common question. There’s a hope that the ever- evasive ROI formula will finally be revealed in a flash of blinding light, paving the way for continued investments into social media.

Keep dreaming.

The human race has created vaccines, solved Fermat’s Last Theorem, and discovered the elusive Higgs boson. If social media ROI were indeed determinable, we’d have solved it over a not so busy weekend.

In fact, the next time you’re asked for social media ROI, you should simply ROFL.

Read full article  via 3 Reasons Why There’s No Measuring ROI On Social Media – Forbes.


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One response to “3 Reasons Why There’s No Measuring ROI On Social Media

  1. It really depends on how you look at it. If the effort that you are taking to generate leads from social media are less than the amount of sales revenue those leads bring you it is a positive ROI. With the correct landing pages for product promotions, there is enough data tracking software out there to provide feedback. Whether or not you can classify it as “ROI” or not is non-relative.