Columbia Ideas at Work : Strategy as Learning

Great read  —   establishing learning and training programs.   This is a reprint from 2010 but absolutely worth the read with lots of takeaways in content and the model presented.  Management

Excerpt:  I developed the framework itself out of a sense of frustration. There are a lot of exhortations and slogans like Think outside of the box, You’ve got to be a revolutionary, Make your decisions with the customer in mind. But there are few actual practical business tools or processes to translate these appeals into action. Change doesn’t happen through exhortation. If you want to get anything done in an organization, you have to introduce a business process to make it happen.

I felt we needed to move away from static models and instead create a dynamic process that introduces the idea of strategy as learning. That’s a fundamental shift that businesses must make: from strategy as planning to strategy as learning. So I set out to assemble the right set of underlying concepts that would inspire a highly practical, simple process to put these ideas into action.

Would you describe the model?

It’s a four-step insight-to-action model. To think strategically is to think outside-in and to function strategically is to make decisions based on that outside-in thinking.

Read full article via Columbia Ideas at Work : Feature.  From Columbia Business School


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