What the Rise of Animated GIFs Means for Content

Another marketing and website tool  —  one that is gaining popularity again but I think one would want to use some cautions.  Distracting versus enhancing could easily be a negative.

Excerpt:   No matter whether you think they are annoying or alluring, animated GIFs – essentially embedded mini-slideshows of photos that play automatically to make the images appear to move on the webpage — might be a growing force in content.

Not just suited for replaying live moments, GIFs allow publications to further express their voice, such as how The New York Times uses GIFs for its Still Life series with writers sharing images and personal essays.

The GIF is making a comeback by being both functional and allowing any person, brand, or publication to add another form of artistic expression to their editorial content.

Read full article via What the Rise of Animated GIFs Means for Content.  From Content Strategist

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