4 Steps for World-Class IT Any Company Can Apply

Information technology for startups and the small businesses.   IT is not just for the big guys.   Good read.

Excerpt:  As he sits across the table from his chief executive (CEO), the head of information technology (IT) for a small startup senses immediately this isn’t going to be the usual Monday morning review. “Our little garage operation is doing unbelievably well,” the CEO says, arching his fingers. “A year ago, no one knew we existed. But we’re already a multimillion-dollar company and we are going to be a multibillion-dollar company soon. I want an IT capability that will be the envy of the Fortune 100. We need large-scale, industrial-strength IT, and we need it immediately. I need you to tell me how we are going to do it.”

How do you build a world-class IT operation for a small company that is quickly turning into a major global enterprise?

Read full article via 4 Steps for World-Class IT Any Company Can Apply – CNBC.

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