Building A Small Business Brand Online (Infographic)

 When most people hear the word “brand,” they think of big companies like Coca-Cola and Apple. But any company that’s in business has a brand; some are just more developed, better tended and more widely recognized than others. Brands have been common in our everyday lives for as long as most of us can remember, and they are now beginning to take over the Web, too. Just one look at many Google searches and you can see the predominance of brands in the top search results.

The data bear this out, too. 1 in 5 tweets is brand related. 65.5% of blog readers say a brand mention within the context of a blog influences their purchasing decisions. 22% of social media users bought a brand because a friend “liked” or followed the brand on a social media network. 64% of email recipients are likely to open emails having a familiar brand in the “from” line.

However, small business struggle with branding because most entrepreneurs have too much on their minds to think about how they are going to differentiate themselves or create an iconic look. This infographic from Planning Pod provides several tips on how a small business can tackle building a lasting brand and growing it.


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