15 New Posts Today, 9.4.12 Small Business News to Use

A busy Tuesday-after-holiday  —  HOME page includes highlights (the biggest contributors today were Harvard Blog and Harvard Law) of leadership and management with emphasis on innovation and new insights, plus other heads up advice such as it is now time to RETHINK EVERYTHING for starters, and also a podcast from Kellog School of Management on CEO replacement  —  also today is a good read on digital design; a heads up for engineers and product development businesses  —  then again today and most days, more advice and tips on marketing; today’s good read is on video and YouTube  —  and also included today: 14 basic legal tips for the entrepreneur  —  plus even more topics today as usual, please explore them all.    There is one additional highlight I want to mention today: an article that I particularly enjoyed from HBR, “Throw Your Life a Curve”.

Tuesday-after-holiday always seems like a double Monday challenge!   So, whew, we survived and thrived through another double Monday!!



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