Governing Innovation in Practice – The Role of Top Management

Recommended read.  Great takeaways for all leadership and management.  The first article in this series, see below, “The Role of the Board of Directors” was a posted link here on a prior day .   I would also suggest you explore the other 3 articles he mentions here.

Excerpt:  What role does the C-Suite have in exercising the company’s innovation governance responsibilities? In this article, the last in a series of five, professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps, defines six domains that are essential to organize and mobilize for innovation. They will condition the way innovation will be carried out and sustained by the organization and hence belong to the prime innovation governance duties of the top management team. In a previous series of three articles published by InnovationManagement I introduced the concept of innovation governance. These first articles covered: (1) the definition and scope of innovation governance; (2) the organizational models that companies have chosen to allocate innovation management responsibilities; and (3) a first assessment of the perceived effectiveness of these models.

In a new series of two articles on “governing innovation in practice” I first reviewed the specific role of the board of directors.  In this second article I will summarize the role of the C-Suite in exercising the company’s innovation governance responsibilities.

If you compete through new products or services, your company has, by necessity, a new product development system and organization in place. As part of it, management allocates functional and process responsibilities for the planning, design, production and introduction of new offerings. In some companies the process works well and smoothly. In others, it may be more chaotic as different functional interests collide and conflict resolution takes time.

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