11 New Posts & 3 New Infographics Today, 9.6.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page today  highlights:  gearing up for the year end holiday sales, providing consumers with a layaway program … the tips and how-to  —  also today, negotiations how-to from 2 great sources   — and good small business takeaways from IBM’s liquid-workforce strategy plans —  as always more on leadership and governance with today’s discussions of transfer pricing and intellectual property; also Harvard discusses proposed changes that will impact investors and current models  —  and in the leadership and management group today is a good read on innovation; sort of a how-to definition for those stumped or stalled  —  we also have a post on venture capital and funding how-to  —  plus, please explore, there is always more each day besides just the highlights, and, of course, LOTS in the 8,939 and growing archives …….  rich content for your use.

A thought struck me this morning …….. “disruptive”  ……  do all of you remember the times when “disruptive” in business usually meant that you faced the challenging task of sitting a colleague or staff member down to a talk about what is acceptable behavior and their unacceptable (disruptive) behavior  — now look at what it denotes today, it is a part of the buzzword team, innovation and disruption.  We are encouraging disruptive behavior ….. !!

GUEST POST page had a new guest post last Friday, The 5 Faces of Accountancy: Eradicating Myths and Sticking to Facts and Figures! by Joyce Del Rosario.  Don’t miss out, if you have not already read it.  We have two new guest posts waiting in the queue — isn’t that grand!!  Watch for a new one tomorrow.

INFOGRAPHICS page has three new infographics today, What is Analytics, The CEOs of Tomorrow and The State of Create.   All three great.  Check them out.   I noticed the page was loading slow — I will try to figure out why and fix it!    🙂

Remember guest posts and infographics are not lost when they move off their respective “current” pages — they are transferred to the primary archive to enable searching just as you do to access all other  posts.

Enjoy all!



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