Innovation Fast and Slow | Clayton Christensen

Good read that answers the questions of many newbies — what is and how-to.   A thought this morning —  do all of you remember the times when “disruptive” in business meant that we we faced the challenging task of sitting a colleague or staff member down to a talk about acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the business — that versus today’s inclusive buzzwords of “you must do this”?   Leadership, governance and management

Excerpt:  In summary, fast-moving industries are terrific for understanding how changes in an industry affect firm performance, but the speed of innovation in those industries makes it more difficult for us to observe the real nuts and bolts of firms’ innovation processes. Slow-moving industries, in contrast, provide less insight into questions of industry and environmental change, but they are excellent for understanding the ins and outs of successful and unsuccessful product development processes. Thus as we study innovation, one of the questions we need to consider is whether the question is better answered in a fast- or slow-moving industry context and then proceed accordingly.

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