13 New Posts & 1 New Guest Post Today, 9.7.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page today features eight posts with lists of free education online resources, including the top universities and their offerings in free programs   —  WE ARE INTO FREE EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE TODAY!!    —  also today, an article on marketing infographics; check these 11 infographics (very nice) to print and keep near your desk  —  and are you thinking small office?  how about no office!!   —  another great article today on pricing; one of the biggest challenges for everyone  —  and don’t miss the online event (free) on neuroscience of employee engagement   —  and another reminder from me: don’t stop at just the highlights,  there is so much more to search and enjoy on this site.    I received a note not too long ago from someone who had “stopped by” the site to check out our niche, and then became “fixed” for 4 hours researching and reading.    Did that make me happy …. you betcha!!   🙂    As I said before, it is BYOCC  – that is bring your own cup of coffee!!

GUEST POST page today features a new author and article, Tips to Manage Your Small Business to Maintain a Constant Profit, by Michelle, a contributor from the UK

INFOGRAPHICS page posted three new infographics this week.  Check them out — these are in addition to today’s post above with 11 marketing infographics as a link.

Enjoy all posts  —  and everyone, everywhere have a great weekend!



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