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Good article on pricing your product or service.  The criteria should be “what the market will bear”.  Surprisingly, this is not the decision criteria most businesses use .  Read tips and advice.  Small business, revenue and operations

Excerpt:  So how do you find out how much your customers will pay? It’s simple: Ask them.

Of course, you can’t ask customers directly how much they are willing to pay — they’ll likely shade the truth (by giving a lower price) to their benefit. That said, there are a variety of ways to better understand how your customers think about your price. In my work, I often interview customers, seeking to identify “areas of disconnect” — profit opportunities — where customers view pricing differently than management.

Here are the “secrets” that I use to better understand how customers think about pricing:

Read full article via How to Find Out What Customers Will Pay – Rafi Mohammed – Harvard Business Review.


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