15 New Posts Today, 9.10.12 Small Business News to Use

We start the week with a busy post day of mixed topics.  HOME page highlights include two in depth reads of corporate governance and financial reporting, from reprints in Wiley Business Reviews  —  Harvard and McKinsey with articles on corporate social responsibility  —  health insurance safe harbor update  —  harnessing ‘just right” big data and technologies for gains  —  accounting, to include revenue recognition basics; are you ready to implement pending changes?  —  innovation, are you using the best driver for you?  —  you must focus on multiscreen marketing and advertising to stay competitive now  —   upcoming event requires registration, Global Growth for Manufacturers  —   AND, there is more to explore, check out all posts new and prior.

As I am sure you have noticed, every election year business seems to go into a “holding pattern” until we know WHO will be elected in November.   This year is no exception  ….  the “runway” is closed until after November.   However, don’t let that stop you from gearing up for the 2012 year end holiday push  —  this is heads up if you are not already working on it.

Enjoy all!



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