8 New Posts Today, 9.11.12 Small Business News to Use

As everyone did today, we take time to remember those who lost their lives in the September 11th tragedy.  So sad still!

Our HOME page today includes a multinational competition article from PwC, then a post on status of consumers and coupons, also a post on marketing and human resources partnering for gains, then a great innovation post article: Jugaad: A Frugal, Flexible Approach to Innovation from Wharton | also in our archives is another article on Jugaad from HBR, and yet another highlight today was a heads up food-for-thought article: How Virtual Avatars Could Disrupt Politics —  yikes, read this and project the possibilities!, Harvard Law today gives us shareholder activism and breakup fees (M&A).

Another reminder from me:  hope you can settle in to frequently spend quality research and read time with us  …  there are the 8,975 + archives of posts to explore, check out our newsletter (middle column link), check out the many great sources (middle column RSS links) for their updated articles, check out the current guest posts on their special page (we have a new guest post for tomorrow), check out the current infographics on their special page!  So much to read and learn!!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I recounted our viewer countries  (middle column)  —  wow, we are up to 169 countries now.   Everyone is welcome, and we continue to strive to provide quality content with reads for all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Another thing that is interesting to me, after doing this blog for nearly two years, I find writing (black-and-white-talking) to the world every business day to be the most natural thing now.   🙂




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