Should I Invest My Marketing Budget in Mobile?

Guest Post by Lisa Hamn

Mobile ads, mobile apps, mobile marketing – everyone seems to be doing it. Mobile is said to be the way of the future; that soon everyone will be relying on their smartphones or tablets, and traditional online advertising won’t hold as much bang for your buck. So has your business jumped on the mobile bandwagon yet? If mobile is the way to go, it makes sense to consider going all-in with your marketing investment. But is it really the best idea for your business?

Assessing Your Current Strategy
Before you consider a big push in a new direction, how are your current marketing efforts going? Hopefully you have a well-established social media presence for your business by now, as well as a search engine optimized website and perhaps even a blog. If these efforts are working for you, why do you want to make a switch over to mobile? Your social media and online marketing efforts simply cannot be abandoned if you want them to continue to work. Adding a mobile component to your strategy is one thing, but completely switching gears isn’t recommended.

Return on Investment
Because mobile is such a new platform, it is relatively cheap to get in the game. Mobile ad space is fairly inexpensive right now. As time goes on, the cost will only continue to rise; mobile is not going way, and it is quickly and steadily growing. It might seem like now is the time to go all-in because of the low costs of mobile marketing, but you must consider one thing: return on investment (ROI). Even if mobile ads are a good price, for example, will they really bring in enough business to make a sizable ROI? You know it’s difficult to measure ROI for social media, and it’s even more difficult for mobile marketing. You need to do some careful research. In general, however, for most businesses the ROI for mobile marketing is not as high as it is for all other forms of marketing.

Diversifying Your Efforts
It’s never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket, especially with your marketing campaign. Mobile is new territory for you. It will require research and lots of experimentation, which will cost more time and money that you’ll have to take away from other marketing strategies that you’re much more familiar with. You need to continue investing a healthy amount of your budget in social media and online marketing because your mobile efforts will not succeed without them. Rather than being mutually exclusive, mobile and other forms of marketing must coexist and help each other succeed.

The Bottom Line
It is certainly advisable to investigate mobile marketing for your business. Is your target audience comprised of many smartphone users? What will they respond to – SMS campaigns? QR codes? Mobile ads? Apps? While mobile is the way of the future, it’s an uncertain future, and we’re not quite there yet. Explore your mobile options, but avoid investing a significant part of your marketing budget for now.

Lisa Hann writes articles addressing current marketing trends for Lisa has over ten years of experience in the field and loves to hear from her readers.


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