The Ultimate Guide To Creating Viral Content

As we have come to expect from KISSmetric’s how-to articles, this one has in depth how-to, examples and tips.  Recommended read for all small business websites  —  be it blog or video or …..

Excerpt:  All of us have witnessed the phenomenon of the viral video first hand. From the days of the Numa Numa guy on YouTube to the latest Volkswagen ad, we now know that there is value to be had if our content is viewed by large numbers of (hopefully interested) people.

But video is not the only kind of content that can go viral; there have been many blog posts, forum comments, infographics and images that have traveled virally too.

Every marketer understands the potential that exists with the internet, but creating content that travels virally is no easy feat; it depends on a large number of humans having a related emotional reaction to your content.

Many marketers have been quick to point out that it is impossible to “create” viral content and that virality is not a product in itself but an effect. A viral reaction to an image/blog post or a video can occur, but the content cannot be viral through its very nature.

But Is That True? Is It Possible To “Create” Viral Content?

Within this guide to making viral content ……

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