Is Your Business Plan a Roadmap or a Roadblock?

Entrepreneurs and small business onwers good read and basic advice.   However, don’t let the article persuade you to abandon creating a business plan (and it is obviously not meant to do so) or using one as you go forward.   For one thing, there are so many of your needed resources that will demand and use your business plan as a decision reference until such time as you have business results to show.

Excerpt:  Sure, you will probably need a business plan to get some early funding. But the real value of your plan depends entirely on how you develop and use it. It can be a roadmap or a roadblock. At any moment in time, your business plan reflects your best educated guess at the future. And it’s going to change a million times as you progress, because that’s what building a business is really all about – it’s about evolving and advancing a central idea through continually changing circumstances.

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