PwC | U.S. Manufacturing “Resurgence” May Lead to Job Growth

I love sharing good news and predictions  —   this article is good!!

Excerpt:  Consensus views on a U.S. manufacturing resurgence have largely centered on rising labor costs in markets such as China as the key driver of re-shoring back to the U.S. However, a new PwC US report, A Homecoming for U.S. Manufacturing?, reveals that while rising labor costs are part of the story, a range of factors—including transportation and energy costs and protecting the supply chain—could drive a sustained manufacturing renaissance in the U.S. beyond any cyclical recovery, potentially improving investment, employment, production output and research & development (R&D).

PwC’s new report identifies seven factors ……

Read full article via PwC says U.S. manufacturing “resurgence” may lead to job growth – Article from Supply Chain Management Review.


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