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Great article — small business please note, you are not usually hampered by a legacy system(s), and therefore, more agile in adopting and using the new and best now.   Information technology.

Excerpt:  Now Shadow IT has burst out of the closet and is waltzing around the corporation, leaving IT departments rushing to do damage control. Lines of business are now getting their own official technology budgets for non-standard software products. Departments can automate a business process in the time it would take to enter IT’s development pipeline. Shadow IT has been freshly-labeled “departmental IT.”

It’s not as if IT departments aren’t busy. It’s just that they’re often busy doing what they’ve always done, maintaining operational systems while reacting to the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy user community. Cumbersome legacy system maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, and tire-kicking in the name of research take up far too much of IT’s time–time that could be spent building valuable business applications. Show me an IT department at a 30 year-old Fortune 500 company and I’ll show you a large group that is supporting increasingly costly, outdated, and unwieldy infrastructures with no time to focus on driving revenues and enhancing the company’s brand.

Read full article via Shadow IT Is Out of the Closet – Jill Dyche – Harvard Business Review.


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